'Moana 2' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Disney Confirms Sequel, Live-Action Movie Unveiled? Who Will Be The Lead Actress?

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 13, 2016 12:40 AM EST

Disney may have a lot of upcoming movies in 2017, but it still managed to come up with one major hurrah before 2016 ends. "Moana" has been a box office hit worldwide, which has led fans to immediately think of "Moana 2" after seeing the hit animation.

Are there already plans for "Moana 2?" Read on for more "Moana 2" details, news and updates.

'Moana 2' News

"Moana" captured the hearts of its viewers, both young and old, with its eye candy graphics paired with the inspirational story and witty punchlines. Overall, "Moana" was the epitome of a feel good movie, something that Disney fans have actually missed. With the success of "Moana" in the big screen, the creation of "Moana 2" is not far from impossible.

Aside from the possibility of a sequel, there are speculations that "Moana 2" might not be an animation anymore. In fact, "Moana 2" might become a live-action movie.

A "Moana 2" live-action movie will surely be an interesting topic for discussion among the fans. Disney fans will also be definitely looking out for the chosen actress to play the role of Moana if ever a live-action movie will push through.

'Moana 2' Updates

Casting has been a touchy subject for Disney lately since the company received backlash from the fans because of "Mulan" live-action movie. According to reports, Disney fans have been in pure disagreement with the possibility of Jennifer Lawrence playing the role of Mulan.

Since "Moana 2" stems from a culture-based storyline, the fans are most probably curious about who Disney will pick to play the lead role. Hopefully, Disney will be more careful this time in picking the actress for "Moana 2" to avoid getting flak from the public. As of writing, Disney has yet to confirm the creation of "Moana 2."

'Moana 2' Release Date

"Moana 2" release date remains to be determined but a possible timetable for the said movie targets 2018 or 2019. Who would you like to land the lead role in "Moana 2?" Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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