'Pokémon GO' News &Updates: Map tracker, FastPokeMap Available Soon? Here's What We Know So Far !

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 12, 2016 11:10 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" app fans surely loved FastPokeMap, one of the best "Pokemon Go" map trackers there was. However, "Niantic" shut the feature down.But just a few days ago, a series of tweets from "Niantic" official Twitter account confirmed that some players have successfully found a way to crack the "API" that "Pokemon Go" uses. The app should be up and running any time now.

When "Pokemon Go" was first released, millions of users immediately downloaded the app, prompting the application to malfunction and stop running. After the app was improved, avid fans called as tinkerers came up with ways to be advance in the game. Thus, third-party apps for "Pokemon Go" were born. Map trackers were created in aiding "Pokemon Go" players across the globe.

"FastPokeMap" was downloaded and used by over 10 million users, easily cementing its status as one of the most popular third-party apps for "Pokemon Go". Because of this, the feature was also one of the first ones to be shut down by "Niantic" with the reason that it broke the app's rules, iDigital Times has learned.

The developers behind "FastPokeMap" got to work as soon as their app was taken down. They find ways to crack Niantic's blockade and got the app running in just three days. However, despite finding a way to fix it, "Niantic" managed to take down the app once again, according to BGR.

FastPokeMap's developers stated that the recent changes to Pokemon Go's API was basically designed to keep the tinkerers out. In their post, it is also stated that the developers of "Pokemon Go" shouldn't be surprised if their user base is already tankinga. They should also expect the inevitable backlash from the Pokemon Go community, Forbes reports

"Pokemon Go" users suddenly decreased in number long after its launching, although the app is still highly profitable. Its recent app updates included the "Second Generation Pokemons", "Pokemon Centers", improved sightings and improved gym training.

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