'Persona 5' Latest News & Update: Know The Main Character's Cooperation/Confidants, Help Strengthen Social Links & Stronger Persona Creation

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:59 PM EST

"Persona 5" is not about fighting but focuses on the connection and relationship that players make inside the game. The game itself is another world because players can pick choices and make decisions in the game and they should be ready to face the consequences after it. Social Links were the term used from previous Persona series.

However, in the latest one, "Cooperation" or "Confidants" is the new term. These special people can make players stronger, receive rare items, get special quests, and improve stats the more the players know about these people.

Some of the confidants or cooperation revealed in trailer

During the trailer release of "Persona 5," confidant/cooperation are revealed and three are known. First, Sojiro Sakura who owns a cafe but has a secret lifestyle during certain times. Second, Munehisa Iwai, who mysteriously looks like a grown-up Junpei Iori from "Persona 3."

Lastly, the third one is Tae Takemi, who is a doctor or nurse in an office, mysteriously sexy and alluring. All of the confidants/cooperation mentioned are one of the numerous mentioned in the said game. Quests are triggered, items are obtained that will be used in critical situations such as gems and healing items.

Stronger health potions and consumables

Nothing beats a stronger and potent healing items in "Persona 5." Not only the characters and his companions will be able to attack twice during battle when one is knocked down, but also the Shadows. During these critical times, players need to have a saving item that will be used.

However, these items will give them the upper hand but not all the time. That is the reason why stronger healing items and consumables will surely heal a huge amount of HP and/or MP [Health/Hit Points and Magic Points]. Stronger links from these certain types of people will make Personas stronger during creation. Depending on the level of the cooperation or confidant, the Persona that falls in the respective category will reflect that as well.


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