'Limitless' Season 2 Renewal Update: Netflix to Pick Up Second Installment? Showrunner Craig Sweeny Reveals the Truth!

By Brynn B. , Updated Dec 13, 2016 09:26 AM EST

Is there hope for fans of the show "Limitless" Season 2? Despite the announcement done several months ago that CBS will not be renewing the show for a second season, many are still hoping that "Limitless" will be given a second chance.

Many fans of "Limitless" Season 2, which was based on the novel "The Dark Fields" by Alan Glynn, were surprised when the show was canceled, given that it was receiving millions of viewers and was given a good review by critics. But reports indicate that CBS plans to just produce new shows instead of renewing their old ones.

Fans of series are trying to petition that a "Limitless" Season 2 will be produced. So far they have gathered almost 40,000 signatures from fans all over the world. The petitioners are hoping that CBS will reconsider their plan of taking new shows, and just renew "Limitless" since many are anticipating for season 2.

Craig Sweeny, showrunner for "Limitless" Season 2, is silencing the rumors. Using his Twitter, the producer claims that there is no hope for the renewal of the show for another season. He says it's 100% true that "Limitless" will not be coming back. It's not going to be easy for fans to accept the fate of their favorite show.

The first season of "Limitless" ended with Brian Finch getting his own squad, but the mystery of Senator Mora's disappearance was still not answered. Fans were hoping that "Limitless" Season 2 will delve more into the adventures of Brian but it seems that it will no longer happen.

"Limitless" is not the only well-loved show which was canceled despite the good reviews and ratings. "Grimm" by NBC was also canceled and the fans also started an online petition for the show, but despite that, it will not be renewed. Do you think that Netflix will be interested in picking up "Limitless" Season 2?

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