‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Which Eggs Will Hatch New Pokemon Babies?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 13, 2016 06:30 AM EST

Niantic finally unveiled its highly-anticipated December update for "Pokemon Go" that introduced new Pokemon creatures to the mobile gaming app. Available only by hatching in-game eggs, here is a quick guide on the new Pokemon babies and the kilometer requirements for the said characters.

After nearly six months since "Pokemon Go" was released, Niantic deployed its first batch of new Pokemon characters. Added as Pokemon babies to the mobile gaming app, avid players can find a Togepi or a Pichu when hatching eggs, according to the announcement posted on game's website.

Apart from the two creatures, gamers can also expect to see several Pokemon characters from the game's "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver" installments. Despite the Pokedex update, Niantic's latest patch still disappointed many gamers who have been hoping for new Shiny Pokemon, Gen 2 creatures and even Gen 1 legendaries.

Meanwhile, Niantic did not disclose the full list of new Pokemon characters that it released. However, several gamers have already shared their in-game egg hatching experiences that yielded new characters such as the fairy-type Cleffa, Smoochum, Igglybuff, Magby and Elekid. "Pokemon Go" gaming tips posted on Kotaku has revealed the type of eggs that the new Pokemon babies will hatch from.

Gamers will need to walk 2 kilometers for a chance to get a Cleffa or a balloon-like Igglybuff. For players hoping to get a Togepi or a Pichu, walking 5 kilometers is the minimum requirement to get the said Pokemon characters. As for the fire-type Magby, the electric-type Elekid and the ice/psychic-type Smoochum, the three creatures can only hatch from 10-kilometer eggs.

However, walking the required distance does not guarantee that the said new Pokemon babies will appear. At this point, it is still unclear if Niantic added a temporary buff to increase the chances that one of these new characters will appear from in-game eggs especially the 10-kilometer creatures.

Niantic deployed its new "Pokemon Go" patch on Dec. 12, Monday. Learn more about the said update in the clip below:

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