'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: HD Version For Nintendo Switch: Is It Worth Buying If It Comes Out?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 13, 2016 05:08 AM EST
Nintendo Switch will be released soon in March 2017 and fans of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are hyped for its port into the said game console. The game will have smoother graphics and faster performance during team battles, which players have an issue before because it slows down during these situations.
Now, since the said game will be coming to the "Nintendo Switch" platform soon, players saw the what it may look like when it is ported thanks to coders and Nintendo for leaking some clues. The game looks amazing and new in competition to the released games that excels in graphics.

Testing on Citra on higher pixels


Since some fans are still disappointed with the 240 pixels graphics, this announcement will surely take Pokemon Sun and Moon fans by storm. However, it may be a bad news for those Nintendo 3DS owners. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will have a port, which means these types of owners will purchase another console and the same game again. Good for those who haven't bought anything yet because they can decide to buy this port instead for higher graphics.

Now one point remains: is it worth buying the ported game because of the higher graphics? Now, playing games with lower graphics but overall fun and smooth is a sure benefit indeed. However, since the releases of other consoles that feature higher and smoother graphics today, people and players prefer the smoother one instead because it is pleasing to the eyes. This post from PRAGMA in Twitter proves it.

The Citra version of the game also is another discovery and expectation on how "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will look like on "Nintendo Switch." Lastly, with the great impact of upcoming games in 2017, it is their choice whether to buy it or not because it is a great improvement indeed with the graphics part. The choice depends on what preferences the players want and have.

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