‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Space Exploration Game Continues Improvements, Hello Games Taking Staffing Up

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 13, 2016 07:45 AM EST

“No Man’s Sky” continues its rise to the top, releasing various patches to address concerns since its release several months ago. The patches bring in new content and fixes to the ambitious space exploration game and so far such has been rebuilding gamer confidence.

These are considered baby steps for “No Man’s Sky”, mostly addressing gamers complaints. That includes recurring game play and the lack of optimization, key issues that have disappointed players.

The latest patch released over at Steam may not be much though it is part of a bigger piece of the “No Man’s Sky” puzzle. This has to do with mod detection, aiding modders who have been experiencing issues.

Previous to the mod function patch for “No Man’s Sky”, there is also that “Foundation Update”. Among the features that patch brought included base-building which allowed players to have a point of reference when teleporting and the ability to buy sprawling freighters for improved inventory stacking, Forbes reported.

There are obviously a lot more to look forward to and Hello Games will at some point need additional help. A look at their official website seems to hint at that with the company looking to add more people to likely aid in the development of “No Man’s Sky”.

Among the job, vacancies include a QA Tester, programmers, and a writer. Of the mix, the last one could be a critical position to fill up for “No Man’s Sky”. Recall that one of the complaints was the lack of script for the space exploration game so a creative-minded writer may be needed to twist things around, Gaming Bolt reported.

With the impending addition of personnel to the Hello Games team, things could be looking up for the game which got hit heavily back in August. Sean Murray has weathered the storm and seems to be proving backers that “No Man’s Sky” will eventually live up to its hype.

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