'DOTA 2': Notable Patch 7.00 Details

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 13, 2016 05:11 AM EST

The "DOTA" 2 Boston Major tournament has recently just ended, but Valve continues to give its fans more. Their site reportedly crashed earlier when the company released their 7.00 patch details for the popular free-to-play MOBA. The update introduces fans to a new hero as well as some changes to its layout and presentation.

The 7.00 patch adds a new hero to "DOTA 2" and its already extensive roster. Monkey King is described as a carry-position character that uses melee attacks coupled with disable and escape abilities. His ultimate attack is named "Wukong's Command," which lets the hero summon a battalion of monkey soldiers that attacks enemy units in range. According to Kotaku, Valve is also selling a Monkey King-themed overlay for the map and some special Arcana skins for the character.

The rest of "DOTA 2" is also receiving changes to its interface and transitions. The pre-match battle screen animation and selection screens have been tweaked. Valve claims to have rebuilt the in-game interface in their latest 7.00 patch. They plan to have players easily gather information while in control of their heroes. The new update also allows players to access settings anytime in the game, which removes the previous requirement where players need to seek their fountain.

Players are also introduced to some new "DOTA 2" gameplay mechanics in the latest 7.00 patch. Ultimate levels are now set at 6/12/18 and heroes lose the attribute bonus ability. Heroes also receive a backpack, which permits them to hold three additional items. Items in the backpack apparently cannot be activated and does not activate any bonuses. However, players can use the items finish recipes and they can swap items into their inventory slots with a quick cooldown limit.

These are just some of the notable changes in "DOTA 2" after the 7.00 patch. Players can head over to their official page to check all the changes that are included with the latest update.

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