'Pokemon Go' News And Updates: The Major Update Of Pokemon Go Brings Disappointment Over Players Stating "The Update That Has Arrived Was Not Even Close'

By Anna , Updated Dec 13, 2016 10:33 AM EST

Fans felt betrayed and disappointed stating that Niantic has not kept their promises. Niantic has been ranting about their major updates and will be bringing a lot of second-generation Pokemon into Pokemon Go and a hundred other Pokemon. But players starting to up in arms as the updates are in a bit spare.

Players anticipated the adding of Pokemon and the Legendary Pokemon of Gen 1 to be added into the mix. But the update that has arrived was not even close. There are only Pichu, Togepi, and some more select Pokemon and these can only be hatched in eggs and cannot be seen in the wild, Forbes has reported.

Fans are also enraged at Niantic as their long-requested feature such as the trading, encountering legendary Pokemon, direct player-to-player battles hasn't been updated. Niantic takes note that they haven't addressed their requests but noted that gen 2 roster will change. There are still no words coming from Niantic if this is their entire Christmas event.

According to a blog post by Niantic stating that this is the first Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go for the next few months. According to TechTimes, the Pokemon gen 2 will start becoming available via random encounters and this seems to catch again the interest of many fans who already left the game claiming the yanking away of the tracker. And in recent reports suggests that it has already been back up.

All are just major disappointments from the players and they have been tagging the announcements as a trap in an attempt to increase their sales. It can be remembered for the past few months Niantic has severely injured due to low revenue from the game. This isn't the game that players wanted, this isn't the update that players waited.

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