'Battlefield 1' Giant's Shadow DLC Release Date, Latest News & Update: Everything You Need To Know About The Grenade Crossbow & The Battle Of The Selle

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 13, 2016 11:20 AM EST

A lot of new additions, bug fixes and balancing tweaks are coming to "Battlefield 1" as its latest update will be released very soon. One of those being the addition of a map called Giant's Shadow which is loosely based on the Battle of the Selle. In that map, one can see a large crashes airship and can battle along the river banks and open ground that surrounds that Cateau-Wassigny railway.

The Battle of the Selle is an armed conflict that took place from October 17 to 25, 1918 on the banks of the Selle River in France. This new map on "Battlefield 1" called Giant's Shadow happens along the same setting of The Battle of the Selle and the "Giant" referred to in the title pertains to the burned husk of a large zeppelin.

If this is already exciting enough for fans of the game to anticipate, it is also announced that there will be more maps coming very soon in future expansions of the game. Another exciting addition to "Battlefield 1" is the Grenade Crossbow which does what it says: it is a crossbow that would launch grenades over a long distance.

In the official "Battlefield 1" website, this new item is described as a powerful addition to the Support class's arsenal and is based on many unique contraptions which were used in the Great War. More than that, this gadget can simultaneously fire two grenades without any noise of either the High Explosive or the Fragmentation variety.

As for the in-game tweaks and bug fixes for this latest "Battlefield 1" updates, IGN reports that these include better syringe cooldown, fixed sprinting, and spawning inside a Landship can now happen in the game. There are also some balancing tweaks to various shotguns in the game and it is said that the full details will be revealed on the forums when the patch releases.

There is also a new Spectator Mode which would allow players to join a live "Battlefield 1" match and observe without actually participating therein. Spectators have numerous camera options which include first-person, third-person, bird's eye view or flying free cam and also offers depth of field options and many different camera filters. Developer DICE hopes that these new additions will be used by players to make community video content for all players of the game to enjoy.

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