‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, News & Update: Earlier Launch For UK Announced, Variety Of Machines Revealed!

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 13, 2016 07:21 PM EST

While the "Horizon Zero Dawn" release date is still months away, lot of details have already been revealed about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title. For instance, there is a recent update regarding its UK release announcing an earlier launch than previous announcements as well as the variety of "Machines" that have been revealed via a "Hostile Zero Dawn" trailer.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Release Date Updates

First things first. In a latest announcement, the "Horizon Zero Dawn" release date for UK and European markets has been moved forward, surprisingly. Of course it has been common for PlayStation in the past to move launch dates later but this time, the Guerilla Games title is bucking the trend. In a Twitter post by PlayStation UK, UK and European gamers can now enjoy the upcoming title by March 1, 2017. This is two days ahead of the previous announcement of March 3, 2017. North American gamers are even luckier though as the title gets unlocked sooner with a launch date slated on February 28, 2016.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Gameplay

The upcoming PlayStation exclusive is an action role playing game by Guerilla Games. When the 'Horizon Zero Dawn" release date arrives next year, PlayStation 4 gamers will play its main character named Aloy, as she goes against robotic creatures simply referred to as "Machines."

In the open world inside the "Horizon Zero Dawn" game, Aloy will need to kill and capture these "Machines" as a means of survival. She can employ a variety of methods to achieve her objective such as stealth, traps, arrows, explosive as well as the more direct melee attacks. Aloy needs these kills for their metals, electricity and other components.

While the "Horizon Zero Dawn" offers an open world environment to explore, the game's main story is said to guide players through the world. In addition, there are also plenty of side quests available made more enticing by their potential rewards.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Trailer

Meanwhile, a recently released "Horizon Zero Dawn" trailer show the variety of "Machines" players will be up against in the upcoming title. It appears the "Machines" have taken over the entire ecosystem, from birdlike flying machines to catlike predatory types and even swamp dwelling ones that look like crocodiles.

With the "Horizon Zero Dawn" release still months away, more details are sure to be revealed during the wait. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest news and updates on the upcoming PlayStation4 exclusive title.


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