'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Season 8 Spoilers: Carol's Fate, Rick's Plan, More Death & Twist

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 14, 2016 04:55 AM EST

We are now halfway through the finale of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 and we are now beginning to speculate what might happen in our beloved characters in "The Walking Dead" Season 8. No worries, as the cast of Fox's series just gave out some important clues as treat for their loyal fans

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers, Predictions

There are a lot of upsetting yet surprising twists and turns in "The Walking Dead" Season 7. First is Abraham and Glenn's unforgiving, brutal deaths to Negan's sociopathic attitude and violent world. Fans might still be in the process of accepting the villain as part of the show as he was the cause of so many heartbreaks in the latest season, not to mention, he is also after Rick's children especially Carl. He is fond of the boy and he seems to be determined to turn him as a young Negan.

Seeing how "The Walking Dead" Season 7 is heading, this season will surely not let fans sleep peacefully as the finale comes closer and closer. However, even if the showrunners and the comics already set who will die this season finale, there are some good treats for the fans.

Carol's Fate

Fans have been wondering what happened to Carol in "The Walking Dead" Season 7. She was almost out of the show ever since the season started, though we saw her with Ezekiel and Morgan, for TWD fans who're still in awe on what just happened to two beloved characters, one might think, maybe this is her end.

No worries because according to Melissa McBride's interview with Vanity Fair, we will still see her character in "The Walking Dead" Season 8. Even though she did not give other information about her character, she assured that unlike in "The Walking Dead" Season 7, fans will see a lot more scenes of Carol. This only means that aside from Daryl, Rick, and Negan, Carol will surely be on the safe side of the series.

Rick's Plan

No one knows what is in Rick Grimes' mind until now but surely, he is after Negan in "The Walking Dead" Season 7. He plans to kill the latter like his son. The gruesome effect of his beloved friend's death seems to traumatize the character but in a positive way, it only fired up his determination to get out from Negan's grip.

When asked about what could be the "biggest" turning point for Rick, Gale Anne, EP of "The Walking Dead" Season 7, revealed on Variety that there are a lot of things that wakes up the protagonist mind. First is Spencer, then his conversation with Michonne and of course, Daryl's return.

More Death & Twist

As of writing, the strongest prediction that is somewhat close to reality (in "The Walking Dead" Season 7 universe) is the death of another main cast. Daryl and Negan are also on the list but this might happen in either "The Walking Dead" Season 8 or Season 9.

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