‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 71, 72 Spoilers & Latest News: Goku’s Impending Death Revealed; Everything You Should Know Is Here!

By Din , Updated Dec 14, 2016 05:11 AM EST

 "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 and 72 currently makes the headline, apparently they will bring the impending demise of Goku. Everyone is debating about it now, and still, no one knows if it will really happen. Although, there's quite a chance for it, the rumor mill is so rich for its speculations.

In here are some of the details collected about the latest episode of the TV Anime. Notably, this will be about Goku, Hit, and the possible assassin boss.

According to a report, the latest title of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 will be "Goku Dies! An Assassination Order That Must Be Performed." This is where the big notion of Goku's death begun. Notably, the title is really scary! In spite, the most favorite lead character of "Dragon Ball" may really reach his limits now. His impending death will come from an assassin plot of still undisclosed person.

In another article, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 72 may continue the battle with Goku and Hit. And, this may be the episode he will be formally killed. Alongside the sad news, Gohan will allegedly replace his father in the fight after.

When the death of his father becomes reality, he will unleash his power surpassing Goku's. Definitely, it can also be the tool they can use to reverse the battle and stop Hit. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 and 72 may kill Goku in the process. Even though, fans are hoping this will not happen. However, they aren't forgetting yet about Shenron as well.

There have been deaths already in "Dragon Ball Super" thus it's not a big issue. Nonetheless, the magic dragon can always help Goku's group to revive him anytime.

In all, the impending death of Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 and 72 may sadden everyone, but remember! He's the protagonist so his death can mean many things.

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