WWE Updates: John Cena Plays the Bad Guy in 'Karate Kid' Parody of Saturday Night Live

By Flo Maxino , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:37 AM EST

Saturday Night Live showed WWE Wrestler John Cena in his funniest role yet. He played the bad guy in their 'Karate Kid' Parody and cracked the audience up.

John Cena started giving the viewers a great time with his comedic timing and hilarious antics on Saturaday Night Live. Usually playing the role of the hero in his movies, he gave a refreshing glimpse of himself playing the bad guy in their parody of the 1980s hit movie The Karate Kid. They named the parody 'The Karate Teen' and picked the most iconic scene ever: the Final fight.

In their short performance, John Cena played as Sammy Knox, the antagonist of The Karate Kid. The final fight paordy was one of the most dramatic and great action scenes in any sports drama. Cena gave his best acting and brought the word 'bully' a new meaning. He gave Billy Zabka (the actor who played Johnny Lawrence, the antagonist) a run for his money. Other roles played by the Saturday Night Live performers were Mikey Day as Jeffy LeHart, the protagonist; Kenan Thompson who hysterically played the version Mr. Miyagi complete with his white beard.

The skit went well as far as parodies go since the scene was perfectly portrayed especially on the side of John Cena. The writer seemed to be a fan since the scenes and even the script and action were comically flawless. All of the typical staples were there: the lessons of encouragement, the action and training techniques, and even the underdog effect on movies. Saturday Night Live shows that it does not just focus on political roasts as this Karate Kid parody has proven.

However, being a parody, the scene did not end well for the protagonist. Even that part was changed, the Karate Kid Parody of Saturday Night Live really brought along a lot of nostalgic feels. Not to mention WWE Wrestler John Cena may even have a career ahead in comedy.

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