‘Dragon Quest Builders 2’ News & Update: Should Splitscreen Multiplayer Be Added To The Sequel, Or A ‘DQB 1’ Patch Would Do?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:58 AM EST

The "Dragon Quest" franchise thoroughly enjoyed this year's PlayStation Awards. "Dragon Quest Heroes II" won the Gold Prize for its 500,000 sales in Japan and across Asia. Additionally, "Dragon Quest Builders" won the Gold Prize and Users Choice Prize, prompting Square Enix's Kazuya Niinou and Noriyoshio Fujimoto to address their new project, which could be "Dragon Quest Builders 2."

"Dragon Quest Builders 2" Is The Favor Fans Want Square Enix To Return

Games Talk reports that Fujimoto is aware of the demand for "Dragon Quest Builders 2." It was previously reported that the producer was open to the idea of a sequel saying he'd "like to think about it after getting more feedback." This was in January. With 2016 about to end and the demand getting louder than ever, the execs both agree that Square Enix will live up to fans expectations.

"Dragon Quest Builders 2" Will Be More Fun With A Friend Or Two

The idea of implementing a multiplayer feature was suggested as early as February, merely a few days after "Dragon Quest Builders" released in Japan in January 28. In an interview with Game Watch Impress, Fujimoto spoke about the future possibilities of the game, should they decide to make "Dragon Quest Builders 2."

Up until now, a multitude of fans remain consistent with one thing: that "Dragon Quest Builders 2" should have a multiplayer, and a splitscreen feature should be added, as well. On the other hand, some fans have suggested that Square Enix could just patch it in "Dragon Quest Builders," to which Fujimoto replied with a negatory note. "As far as Dragon Quest Builders 1 goes, it is not possible. But if there's enough demand, I'll put it into consideration for the next title," he responded.

So, there you have it. We'll cross out the update patch on the list, which leaves us with the feature being added on "Dragon Quest Builders 2." Technically, the sequel hasn't been announced yet, but we'll take Square Enix's words for it.

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