NES Classic Edition: Restocks Now Available

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:09 AM EST

The demand NES Classic Edition continues to soar as the holiday season draws closer. Some consumers have reportedly given up and resorted to auction sites like EBay to grab one. Some retailers continue to report a shortage of inventory, while others have pointed their fingers at Nintendo for its supposed mishandling of the manufacturing process.

In a recent article from Gamenguide, sources have reported available stocks from Toys R Us and Urban Outfitters. Other claims pointed to a Nintendo Store NY store, which supposedly restocks the NES Classic Edition on a regular basis. However, Polygon reports that another retailer is preparing to dispatch its inventory of this season's hottest item.

Some consumers have confirmed ThinkGeek is selling the NES Classic Edition. The retailer has apparently started releasing its stock to customers, but there seems to be a tiny catch. Interested buyers are required to create a free account on their website and then add the item to their wishlist. They will then hold a lottery to choose names randomly, which allows the chosen people to purchase the console for $60.

ThingGeek's website offers an explanation for their NES Classic Edition selection process. It states "here's the deal: more of you want the NES Classics than we have to sell," then it continues to say that they want to do what is right and "make it as fair as we can."

The lottery for the chance to buy a NES Classic Edition will reportedly run until Friday this week. ThinkGeek did not reveal how many units they currently have on stock, which appears to be very limited. Buyers who want to take a chance are advised to register and let luck determine the draw.

Nintendo claims that they have repeatedly shipped restocks of the NES Classic Edition to retail stores. However, some consumers speculate that the company is intentionally holding more stocks to drive publicity.

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