Crytek Latest News & Update: ‘Far Cry’ Makers Need Help With Its Angry Workforce; Is The Developer Done For Good?

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:59 AM EST

Complaints spreading on the Internet tell of Crytek's lapses to its employees, with some of them reportedly haven't been paid in more than a month. The maker of games such as "Far Cry" and "Crysis" allegedly has delays in payroll in the last six months. Additionally, some employees have been complaining they haven't been paid in two months. What's going on over at Crytek?

Crytek At An All Time Low?

News of Crytek's descend comes from developers posting on Reddit, venting out on news outlets and hitting social media. An anonymous employee created a Reddit account and started a thread on /r/legaladvice.

According to the thread, Crytek employees continue to work without pay. The anonymous employee continued on saying that the problem isn't exclusive to Germany HQ employees; all of Crytek's offices have the same issue as well.

Over at Glassdoor, an anonymous employee from Frankfurt said that Crytek is lacking resources to maintain its current projects. Employees are also starting to leave, adding "no apologies or explanations were offered" by the company.

Crytek Has Messed Up On Wages Before

This is not the first time Crytek has dealt with money troubles. In 2014, rumors surfaced that the company was on financial turmoil. A couple of hundred jobs were cut down and "Homefront: The Revolution" and its UK studio was sold off to Deep Silver. Moreover, the company licensed its CryEngine game engine to Amazon, which then became the game engine Lumberyard.

Crytek is now taking on VR, which according to some developers isn't generating money at all, reports TechnoBuffalo. What would be a sad ending for Crytek is the announcement of its closure, given the company has more than 700 employees. It's not clear how many are still employed right now, but what's plausible is that Crytek is relying on its VR move. Another option is to sell off some of its studios again, or the brothers could seek funds from investors.


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