‘Sniper Alert 4’ Release Date, News & Update: Your Chance To Kill Hitler Comes In ‘Sniper Elite 4 Target: Führer’ Pre-Order DLC

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 14, 2016 10:00 AM EST

Rebellion has announced that the "Target: Führer" DLC is available as a pre-order bonus for "Sniper Elite 4" on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players get the chance to explore an advanced military base in search of the most hated man of all time, equipped with the tools necessary to assassinate Adolf Hitler in so many brutally creative ways.

"Sniper Elite 4's" New Trailer Is Strangely Satisfying

The new trailer for "Sniper Elite 4" is focused on killing Hitler. Like in the previous games in the series, players have to infiltrate a base and find the perfect hiding spot to eliminate the Nazi leader and completely change the course of the entire war.

This time around, the Führer is placed in a drydock where troops are making U-boats for the war effort. With Hitler's presence, security is increased. Expect a chockfull of armored guards, lookouts, snipers and two-man patrols all over the base. "Sniper Elite 4" requires players to be more vigilant and careful when sneaking around.

How Will "Sniper Elite 4" Rack Up Against Other FPS Games?

"Players will get a fantastic taster of 'Sniper Elite 4's' open-ended approach to tactical third-person combat, rewarding not only their sharpshooting skills, but also their wit and creativity," according to Rebellion. Moreover, snipers searching for unique achievements and trophies will have a whole amount of fun with "Target: Führer" by creating the best or worst ways of killing the Führer.

"Sniper Elite 4" is targeted for replayability, which means your first attempts may not take too long. However, you'll have more fun the more you get creative, especially in co-op.

You can pre-order "Sniper Elite 4" from the official website to get the "Target: Führer" mission and Camo Rifle Skins Pack completely free of charge. "Sniper Elite 4" is releasing on February 14, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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