'The Sims 5' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Maxis Ready For Next Game Installment? VR-Features, 360-Degree Confirmed?

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 15, 2016 12:30 AM EST

Will EA Games launch "The Sims 5" by 2017? With more than two years after the release date of "The Sims 4," players are highly-anticipating the arrival of "The Sims 5" in 2017.

The gaming industry has very high expectations for "The Sims 5," This is mainly due to the surge of augmented-reality games, as well as Virtual Reality and 360-degree features. With that, EA Games will surely need to shell out a large amount of money to create and develop "The Sims 5."

'The Sims 5' News

According to reports, EA Games "The Sims 5" will most probably be marketed as the first "The Sims" franchise to accommodate VR and 360-degree game features. "The Sims 5" is expected to take the life simulation video game to a whole new level.

This puts a lot of pressure on EA Games because aside from trying to integrate VR and 360-degree features in "The Sims 5," critics are also waiting in the wings looking for game loopholes. It can be noted that "The Sims 4" has had a lot of negative comments from the critics.

Although "The Sims 4" is currently regaining its popularity thanks to the "City Living" DLC, the uncertainty of "The Sims 5" success is considered to be nerve-wracking for EA Games. Is it ready to release "The Sims 5" by 2017?

'The Sims 5' Updates

According to reports, the success of "The Sims 4" will greatly determine the fate of "The Sims 5." Currently, "The Sims 4" is still considered to be a relevant part in the gaming industry.

But is game relevance enough? What about the profits and revenue being brought in by "The Sims 4?" Is the budget big enough to suffice for "The Sims 5" development?

'The Sims 5' Release Date

As of writing, EA Games has yet to confirm "The Sims 5" 2017 release date. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "The Sims 5" news and latest updates!


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