Stardew Valley;’ Guide: How to Get Married in the Game

By Allan , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:48 PM EST

In "Stardew Valley" players will also be allowed to get married and start their own family in their farm. But before a player can do that, he needs to be financially and emotionally ready. He will need to woo the girl he likes and have enough upgrades to support his new family. So this article will serve as the player's guide how to do everything that is needed to be married with the character he likes in the game.

How to Get Married in "Stardew Valley"?

The first step in getting married in the game is to build the relationship of the player with the girl he likes in the game. To do that, players will need to know her likes and dislikes so he can give her more of the things she likes. Players will easily know if the girl likes the gift based on her reaction. If the reaction is not very good, better stop giving that kind of gift and try something else.

Each girl has an eight heart meter and will fill up every time the player interacts with the person. When all eight heart is filled, its time to go to the grocery of Pierre and buy the special bouquet. Give it to the woman the player likes and it will begin the romantic relationship of the player and the lady he likes.

Game Requirements before a Player Gets Married in "Stardew Valley"

Next is to save up for 5,000 Gold units in the game to be able to buy the Mermaid's Pendant from the Mariner at the beach. At this time, players should also have one upgrade of their house. The pendant is like an engagement ring in the game and presenting it to the girl means the player is ready to tie the knot. Give it to the girl and "Stardew Valley" will automatically schedule the wedding after three days.

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