Stardew Valley’ Guide: How to Move the Glittering Boulder to Start Mining in the Game

By Allan , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:49 PM EST

Unlocking the ability to mine in "Stardew Valley" by moving the glittering boulder allows the player to access new activities in the game. One of it is mining which will allow the player to access new items in the village. So this article is all about guiding players how to remove the glittering boulder that blocks the entrance to the main mining area of the village.

How to Remove the Glittering Boulder in "Stardew Valley"?

To remove the glittering boulder, players must be able to finish the Fish Task and the quests that go with it from the Community Center. To be able to start the Fish Tank quest, players must be able to complete at least one of the other quests that go with the Fish Tank quest.

Once the player have received the Fish Tank quest, they just need to finish 6 of the fish quests of the game. Once all 6 quests is completed, the gliterring boulder will be moved by itself.

What are the Six Quests to Complete the Fish Tank?

In order to complete the Fish Tank quest, players must first finish the River Fish Bundle, Lake Fish Bundle, Night Fish Bundle, Crab Pot Bundle, Specialty Fish Bundle, and the Ocean Fish Bundle. All these bundle requires the player to catch specific species of fish that are found throughout the different season of the game. This task is not really easy to complete so players have to be patient. However, each task completed will reward the player with useful and rare items so its all worth it. Moreover, after all 6 quest is finished, the glittering boulder will also be removed so that another reward on top of all rewards received and the player will receive a copper pan that allows them to acquire ores from the river and lakes around the "Stardew Valley"


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