'For Honor' Latest News & Updates: How To Sign Up For Closed Beta Phase!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:20 PM EST

Trending massively multiplayer online games tend to fall under three categories: they're either RPGs like "World of Warcraft," shooters like "Overwatch," or MOBAs like "Dota 2." New titles are really just competing with one another in one of these well-defined genres, and it usually takes something unique to grab the public's attention again in a major way. Like "For Honor," Ubisoft's upcoming new title.

"For Honor" is a new team swordfighting game from Ubisoft that allows you to play as one of 12 hack-and-slasher heroes from across three factions of popular swordsmen groups in history: the Samurai, the Knights, and the Vikings. According to the game's official website, it's pretty much "Overwatch" and EA's "Battlefield 1" are right now, except that the big draw is the melee gameplay, which should be enough to grab people's attention.

GameSpot reports that "For Honor" is about to enter its closed beta phase, which players can sign up for on the official website. The closed beta will add three new heroes to the game's roster. They are the Knight Peacekeeper, an assassin unit that fights quickly and only with a small dagger. The Samurai get the Shugoki, a heavy unit that serves as a tank for the faction. Lastly, the Vikings get the Warlord, another heavy unit that seems to be balanced with offense and defense.

Also coming in the "For Honor" closed beta is a new game mode called Faction War, which is apparently a permanently-running tally of individual faction victories. Players will choose a faction to represent once they enter this mode, and each victory they achieve earns the faction War Assets. The competitive multiplayer mode will be played in 10-week seasons, after which players will earn rewards based on their faction's rank.

"For Honor"'s closed beta is due to start soon, but the game is targeted for an official release on Valentine's Day 2017. The game will be playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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