'Justice League Action' Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Cyborg From 'Teen Titans GO!' Helps Promote Doppelganger's Cartoon Network Series

By Belle Smith , Updated Dec 14, 2016 03:07 PM EST

DC fans are already looking forward to the premiere on "Justice League Action" on Cartoon Network this week, but there's another reason why everyone is so excited. Cyborg from "Teen Titans GO!" has just teamed up with Beast Boy to promote the other Vic Stone's series, and it's one of the funniest things you will see today.

It's not just a funny exchange between Cyborg and Beast Boy that makes the promo so awesome. It's also the fact that "The Walking Dead" Season 7 star Khary Payton provides the voice for both Vic Stones in "Teen Titans GO!" and "Justice League Action".

'Teen Titans GO!' Heroes Cyborg And Beast Boy Geek Out Over Vic Stone In 'Justice League Action'

The promo opens with Cyborg from "Teen Titans GO!" casually asking Beast Boy is watching. Gar Logan responds that he is watching "Justice League Action", which has Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. "Wait, is that me?" Cyborg asks, but Beast Boy waves him off by saying that the show is just "for the big leagues".

A scene from the promo reveals Cyborg from "Teen Titans GO!" is, in fact, a part of the Justice League, making him dance for joy. Beast Boy ponders whether he will be in "Justice League Action" but Vic Stone shuts him down. "Nah bro, that's Swamp Thing," he says.

It's interesting to see how Cyborg from "Teen Titans GO!" is so excited about his doppelganger's appearance in "Justice League Action". Perhaps the man who provides the voice of both characters didn't tell the younger Vic Stone?

Yep, 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Star Khary Payton Returns As Cyborg In 'Justice League Action'

He might be the dreadlocked Ezekiel in "The Walking Dead" Season 7, but Khary Payton is loved by "Teen Titans GO!" fans as the voice of Cyborg. Payton will return as Vic Stone in "Justice League Action", which is set for an hour-long premiere on Cartoon Network on December 16.

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