'Pokémon GO' Latest News & Update: The Most Comical Glitch Ever Happened!

By Mia P. , Updated Dec 18, 2016 10:29 PM EST

"Pokemon GO" glitch has reportedly been found in the game although it has not been noted as a nuisance. Apparently, the Godzilla-like Pokemon monsters still retain the same CPs and skills, only that it does not appear to be as cuddly as it used to anymore.

"Pokemon GO" users who recently clicked into their profile have reportedly found their Pokemon buddies turned into these massive monsters. Apparently, most of the users have reportedly noted the glitch as comical. However, note that the glitch only takes mere seconds and goes away a split second before one can take a screenshot, Themarysue.com reported.

A number of "Pokemon GO" players have reportedly noted the incidence over at Kotaku displaying humongous monsters like Gastly or a Jigglypuff. Moreover, the glitch was reportedly noted only when tapping the player profile icon. Niantic Labs is yet to release a statement on the apparent "Pokemon GO" bug.

Furthermore, Niantic is also expected to roll out an update for "Pokemon GO" in the coming days. The giant buddies may be taken away as well. However, players have noted that while Gengar and Alakazam monsters may be summoned in the game, the little buddies hopefully may do so as well.

In other news, the once region-locked and recently opened to more areas feature has reportedly been expanded again. Apparently, Niantic Labs has reportedly made several changes to the Nearby Feature. On that note, most regions in the world are expected to get the feature on their "Pokemon GO" app now, according to report.

"Pokemon GO" is also expected to receive changes to when there are only few Poke Stops in the area. It has further been noted that the developers have continually been taking feedback into consideration when making changes. Moreover, thousands of Starbucks cafes have reportedly begun sponsoring Poke Stops and Gyms as well. Learn more about the glitch here:


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