‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Brendan Dassey Should Be Freed; Evidences Planted, Steven Avery Innocent?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:54 AM EST

Netflix has yet to announce the coming of "Making A Murderer" Season 2, but it looks like fans are about to witness a lot of major twists and turns. One of it is Brendan Dassey's stay inside the prison, although a judge already ordered to free him.

In a report made by Daily Mail, Brendan Dassey's lawyer Laura Nirider recently filed new papers that stated the initial should never be convicted before a national court appeal. She, too, affirmed that her client should not be inside the jail while their plea is still active. Will this be seen in "Making A Murderer" Season 2?

Many assume that this new petition could be seen in the coming "Making A Murderer" Season 2, so they could follow the investigation more. Nirider uttered that Brendan Dassey underwent an interrogation without a lawyer and he is only a child then.

"No fair-minded jurist - much less any parent - can watch Brendan's interrogation video without seeing a naïve child whose already diminished ability to make rational choices is being grotesquely distorted by false promises," she said. Nirider even added that a lot of the information from the confession of "Making A Murderer" Season 2 star, Brendan Dassey, are proven untrue.

"Brendan accepted the police's theory that Halbach was raped in Avery's bedroom ... and added that she was shackled to the wooden headboard," Nirider explained that believed to be seen in "Making A Murderer" Season 2. However, it is also noted that the said headboard bears no evidence, like scratches or marks, and the technicians, too, proved that no DNA from Teresa Halbach and Brendan Dassey have found.

Meanwhile, ever since "Making A Murderer" was introduced on Netflix in 2015, its viewers started to get hooked and involved in the investigation. In fact, some fans are playing investigators and revealed their theories online about the coming "Making A Murderer" Season 2, Yahoo News reported.

A Reddit user named TickTockManitowoc revealed a series of photos that could help to prove Steven Avery's innocence in "Making A Murderer" Season 2. The fan said that the evidence against him was planted as Teresa Halbach's RAV4 bore no blood when found by the police.

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