'Rainbow Six Siege' News And Updates: Weapon Overhaul, New Map And More In New Update

By Carla Grace Mesina , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:46 AM EST

Ubisoft's "Rainbow Six Siege" is going to undergo huge changes later this day with a new update reworking and added a lot of things in the game. The update set to go live anytime soon is pretty big and will add new content as well as revamp a huge chunk of the gameplay. Players should expect several changes when the update arrives.

One of the highlights of the upcoming "Rainbow Six Siege" update is a buff being made to Tachanka. For months now, players have been requesting a buff to Tachanka as he is pretty easy to dispatch once he lays down his turrets. With the update, Tachanka will be up to par with other Operators when it comes to usefulness in matches.

The "Rainbow Six Siege update" will give Tachanka an additional shield that will be placed in front of the turret. This will block any possible headshots to the Operator huts neutralizing his biggest weakspot. The shield will have a separate HP of 500 so it is still pretty easy to dispatch and would not make Tachanka overpowered.

The update will also add a new map to "Rainbow Six Siege". With the update installed, players will have access to the Barlett University map. This map was previously exclusive to PVE battles until now. There will be a few changes to the map so those who frequent the map during its PVE exclusivity should still have a refreshing experience.

The highlight of the "Rainbow Six Siege" update is definitely the rebalancing of the game's weapons. The biggest change players will notice is with regards to assault rifles and SMGs. With the update, assault rifles will have higher damage and higher recoil, while SMGs will have lower damage and lower recoil.

There's no exact release time for the "Rainbow Six Siege" update but it will roll out today. PS4, Xbox One and PC players should expect the update to go live before this day ends. 

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