'Final Fantasy XV' Holiday DLC News: Noctis Voice Actor Accidentally Revealed Christmas Update! Expect Funny Dialogues and New Fishing Items!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 15, 2016 03:51 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" is also giving its players some sort of Christmas gift for the holiday. Just like with the other video games, Square Enix is releasing the a holiday DLC for FFXV.

It was said that this "Final Fantasy XV" DLC will bring nice Christmas add-ons like a dialogue and some fishing articles too. Actually, these are not supposed to be publicized yet but when Ray Chase, the voice actor of the game's protagonist character Noctis, joined the "Ask Me Anything" event on Reddit, the holiday update was revealed.

The session took place on Dec. 14 and while Chase did his best to sidestep questions about "Final Fantasy XV," because he does not want to give out spoilers, he failed to do so as he confirmed the arrival of the holiday DLC. What's more, he shared some bits about it too.

"My favorite voice lines I think have been supplanted by what we recorded for the Holiday DLC. There are some in there that are GOLD. PURE GOLD. Get excited," he said during the AMA event. He also unknowingly shared that the Christmas update will be funnier or more humorous than before. "The DLC will have freakin' funny lines," Chase said.

By saying that the "Final Fantasy XV" will have lines, the voice actor just disclosed that additional dialogues are about to come with the holiday DLC. He was not able to reveal much but other sources leaked some info.

They divulged that the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" holiday DLC will contain new game mode and more fishing items that can used in the mini-game. Based on reports, there could be new party characters as well.

Meanwhile, there is no official announcement about the "Final Fantasy XV" holiday DLC yet, but it is expected that Square Enix will release the update early next week. Fans should be patient and it will come soon, plus it is free so it is a gift indeed!

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