'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: Where to Catch Castform

By Allan , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:19 PM EST

Castform is one of the favorite Pokemon of most players in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". It does not evolve to any other form but it will transform to a different look depending on the weather. So far, Castform is known to change into three different Pokemon. One when it's sunny where it changes into a fire type Pokemon, One when its raining and changes into a water type Pokemon and during hail where it changes to an ice Pokemon.

There are several ways to catch Castform in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". According to the experience of other players, finding one isn't that hard but looking for its particular form is not. Since its transformation entirely depend on the weather, players will have to wait for the right weather and timing before they can find one. So in this article, all the known nest of Pokemon Castform is revealed and how to make it appear during battle.

Where to Find Castform in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"?

Out of the four islands in Alola Region, Castform can be found in three of them namely Akala Island, Ula'ula Island and Poni Island. In Akala Island, Castform is normally found in Lush Jungle especially when it is raining. In Ula'ula Island, players can find it not only in Route 17 but also in Haina Desert, Tapu Village, and Malie Garden. Lastly is in Poni Island where players will find it in Exeggutor island.

How to Catch Castform in the Game?

Now unlike other Pokemon, Castform usually appears when a Pokemon calls for help in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". So it is recommended to have an SOS battle in Castfrom nests to increase the chances of encountering one. For players looking for Castform in a specific transformation, make sure to hunt at the right place and weather. For instance, Lush Jungle is a place where it usually rains so the water type Castform is likely to be found here. Haina Desert in Ula'ula Island is also a possible place to find fire type Castform because of the harsh sunlight I the area.

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