'GTA Online' Latest Update Includes Supreme x North Face Jacket and Bogo Hoodies Rip-Offs

By Allan , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:17 PM EST

In the latest update of "GTA Online" Import/Export, Rockstar Games did not just add a new business that players can explore but also fake streetwear from popular brands today. This includes Supreme x North Face Puffa Jacket Collab, Palace Tees, Boho Hoodies, and Comme des Garcons inspired jackets under a different brand name. Their prices are not too friendly but wearing it definitely adds excitement to the game.

"GTA Online" Import/Export Update have just been released and it includes new and exotic cars for players to own. In addition, it will also allow everyone to start a new business of stealing and modifying cars that can sell at a much higher price. If the gamers play the story right, they can even have their own building and be the CEO of their new business empire.

And along with the new update are the new fashion items that resemble the latest streetwear of today's time. Players can access the new items by just visiting the stores and try on the new but rip-off fashion wears in the game. Although the names of the clothes are changed to Bigness, Guffy, Manor and SQUASH in "GTA Online", the resemblance of the design is undeniable.

As for the vehicles unlockable included in "GTA Online" Import/Export Update, it includes the Ramp Buggy for $2,400,000, Wastelander for $495,000, Blazer Aqua for $1,320,000, Phantom Wedge for $1,920,000, Rocket Foltic for $2,880,000, Technical Aqua for $1,120,000, Armoured Boxville for $2,200,000 and the Ruiner 2000 for $4,320,000. These prices are already discounted which can be unlocked when the player finish the required number of steals for each mission.

Each unlockable car has its own required number of steals mission which ranges from 4 to 32. However, if the player is not able to unlock the car, its prices will be much higher by as much as 20%.

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