'SoulCalibur 6' Release Date, News & Update: Bandai Namco Hinted on Release of 6th Installment? 20th Anniversary Trailer Unveiled!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:32 PM EST

"SoulCalibur 6" is still not around despite the long wait of almost five years. The fifth installment was launched in 2012 and fans think that Bandai Namco should have released a new version of the game by now, however this is not happening so they are quite frustrated.

Moreover, some months ago, it was widely speculated that "SoulCalibur 6" is already in the works. But unfortunately, Bandai remained mum and is not confirming anything.

Then again, despite the lack of update from the Japanese gaming company, some claimed that there are indications that it is indeed working on the production of "SoulCalibur 6." Firstly, Passion Republic, a Malaysian production company, allegedly leaked some concept images which many believed has been designed for the sixth installment of SoulCalibur.

The leaked images has since made rounds online and the anticipation for "SoulCalibur 6" further heightened. Observers say that the images are really new and many are curious as what characters would be once added into the game.

20th Anniversary Trailer

In any case, fans believed that Bandai Namco itself may have subtly dropped hints regarding the release of "SoulCalibur 6" on its Facebook page. Fans were referring to the 20th Anniversary trailer which the company published on Dec.6.

Many were saying that perhaps, "SoulCalibur 6" has been designated by Bandai as its celebratory title to mark the game's successful two decades in the gaming world. The trailer is simple though and it is just like a collage of clips since the game was first launched two decades ago.

Now, with the 20th Anniversary trailer already out for the public to see, fans are expecting that Bandai will soon announce the arrival of "Soul Calibur 6." Nevertheless, since the year is about to end, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that their favorite game is coming in 2017 instead.

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