'For Honor' Release Date, News & Update: Single Player Campaign is Surprisingly Awesome, Watch Gameplay Here

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Dec 16, 2016 04:09 AM EST

Throughout the years, several multiplayer games have provided single player campaigns that are seemingly not as exciting as the multiplayer counterparts. Ubisoft's upcoming hack and slash game, "For Honor," on the other hand, features a single player campaign that is surprising awesome. Here's what you can expect from the new Ubisoft game arriving this February 2017.

Wired complements "For Honor"'s guided gameplay, citing that it's something that deviates from the usual open world model that most games have nowadays. It's a refreshing take, enabling gamers to experience structure in a visually compelling game. That's what makes the single player campaign surprisingly awesome.

Wired adds that "For Honor"'s story is a "protracted training" for the game's classes, enabling gamers to delve into the narrative and experience each character. Gamers are tasked to complete missions and defeat enemies, but must also be skilled to do so.

There are three new character classes to look forward to when "For Honor" debuts in February next year. There's the Knights' Peacekeeper, which is described as "fast, agile, and stealthy," while the Samurai Shugoki" is a tad slower but is very powerful with his blows. The Vikings' Warlord is basically someone you'll want to have by your side when Armageddon hits. This is why the single player campaign is surprisingly awesome.

According to Gamerant, "For Honor"'s visuals also factor into why the single player campaign is surprisingly awesome. For the single-player campaign, there's the Knight peacekeeper's "Sabotage" mission that finds gamers in a snow-filled landscape. The cinematics are compelling and will definitely catch the eye of gamers.

Another single player campaign mission to look forward to is called "Raiding the Raiders," which features a boss battle that includes a race on horseback. Truly epic for those who are thirsty for adventure. Now that we know the single player campaign for "For Honor" is surprisingly awesome, we can't wait for its release on February 14, 2017. Comment below what you're looking forward to in the game, which will be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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