'Black Mirror' Season 4 Brings In New Writers To Create More Episodes? Charlie Brooker Needs Help With Lengthier Netflix Series?

By Belle Smith , Updated Dec 16, 2016 12:18 PM EST

Each story of "Black Mirror" might be carefully woven by creator Charlie Brooker, but things could change in the next season. Netflix could be looking for talented new writers to help Brooker work on the 10 new episodes that will be featured in "Black Mirror" Season 4.

But is it possible that "Black Mirror" Season 4 needs more writers because of a different reason? Will Charlie Brooker leave the series after the fourth season in favor of other projects?

'Black Mirror' Season 4 Planning To Hire New Writers To Help Charlie Brooker?

GamenGuide has previously reported that "Black Mirror" Season 4 could be the longest season so far, featuring 10 new episodes written by Charlie Brooker. However, there are also speculations that the show's creator might be struggling to come up with new stories for the Netflix series. It is possible that new writers will be brought in to work on the additional 4 episodes.

Charlie Brooker didn't write all of the episodes for "Black Mirror". The episode "The Entire History of You" was written by , and some of the newer episodes were collaborations between Brooker and another writer. Now some believe that Brooker might not be involved in any of the episodes that will air after "Black Mirror" Season 4.

Charlie Brooker Departing After 'Black Mirror' Season 4 To Pursue Other Projects?

It was recently reported by GamenGuide that "Black Mirror" Season 4 could be the last season featuring the creative mind of Charlie Brooker. The show creator is believed to be leaving with plans to work on other projects. But Brooker might also have another reason for wanting to walk away from the Netflix series.

The added number of episodes in "Black Mirror" Season 4 could be a second factor that led to Charlie Brooker's possible exit. Netflix might not simply be looking for help for the creator; the network could be searching for a possible replacement. Always check GamenGuide for the latest news and updates on your favorite shows.

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