‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Catch Rare Pokemon In Alola Fishing Spots; Get Mareanie, Barboach & More

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 16, 2016 07:45 AM EST

Every Pokemon trainer would want to know how to catch Rare Pokemon and complete an impressive Pokedex filled with special creatures. Luckily in the region of Alola in "Pokemon Sun & Moon," there are several fishing spots where trainers can catch the rarest Aquatic Pokemon. Here some tips to successfully catch rare Pokemon and the list of fishing spots that players can find them in.

Preparing the Fishing Journey To Find Rare Pokemon

When fishing for rare aquatic Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," trainers will need to bring along a lot of Poke balls. There is a better chance of catching these special creatures if one saves enough Lure Balls from Samson Oak on Blush Mountain. It should be noted that Lure Balls cannot be purchased so they need to be used sparingly and wisely, noted GameRanx.

List of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Alola Fishing Spots And Rare Aquatic Pokemon

Players will need the Fishing Rod and locate a spot where there is a pile of rocks with bubbles under the water surface. It is also possible to fish with Lapras' Poke Ride in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Barboach is one Rare Aquatic Pokemon found in Melemele Island, Seaward Cave with a 50 percent Encounter Chance. Players need to go to the Seaward Cave via Melemele Meadow. Once inside the cave, there is a pond on the left side. Ride Lapras and you should find the only fishing spot in the area.

Mareanie is one tricky Rare Pokemon to catch in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Players need to surf into the bay located on Akala Island and find the rippling fishing spot. Cast the rod and a Corsola appears. It is important that Corsola shouldn't be knocked out during battle. This Pokemon summons help and one of them could be Mareanie. If Corsola's help is a different Pokemon, players need to knock them out until such time that Mareanie appears.

Another Rare Aquatic Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is Generation 2's Chinchou. With a 20 percent Encounter Chance, this Pokemon can be found in Akala Island, Akala Outskirts. On the east coast of the outskirts area, there is a pair of fishing spots just near a lonely fisherman. To get Chinchou, head to the more northern fishing area.

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