Facebook Declines Donald Trump's Speculated Muslim Registry Request

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 16, 2016 05:23 AM EST

Rumors have been floating that claims Donald Trump met with the country's tech elite to request for a Muslim Registry. Facebook has reportedly refused to participate in this speculated process. Twitter has also supposedly refused to honor such a rumored request from the government.

In a report by Gizmodo, a spokesperson from Facebook has denied receiving such a bid from Donald Trump, saying "no one has asked us to build a Muslim registry, and of course we would not do so." Reports mention a company personnel accidentally sent an email reply to Nitasha Tiku from Buzzfeed. The communication reportedly described the speculated registry request as a "straw man." The email also suggested that they do not respond to the inquiry in the first place.

It seems the idea of creating a Muslim registry is considered unthinkable by those people working in the technology business. Speculations have mentioned some employees have taken initiative to sign a petition saying they refuse to help the rumored Donald Trump project. The petition allegedly says "We refuse to participate in the creation of databases of identifying information for the United States government to target individuals based on race, religion, or national origin." These employees who signed the petition are supposedly from tech giants like Google, GitHub, Paypal and Apple. It was not confirmed if any of the other participants were from Facebook.

It seems intriguing that Facebook's refusal falls parallel to Donald Trump's meeting with the tech industry's leaders. Their COO Sheryl Sandberg is attending the meeting together with Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Larry Page.

According to The Intercept, in November, they have posted a question that asks if Google would "sell any goods, services, information or consulting of any kind" to help create a "National Muslim registry," if Donald Trump's administration would request one. Together with Twitter's outright refusal, Facebook appears to be resolute against this speculated proposition.

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