'Clash Of Clans' December 2016 Balancing and Update News: Supercell Confirms Game Play Balancing & New In-Game Event In First Sneak Peak!

By Nathan Enzo , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:06 PM EST

Supercell provided the first sneak peak of its December 2016 Update and from the looks of it, the December 2016 balancing and the update will be the biggest in "Clash of Clans" history. The sneak peak revealed details of gameplay balancing and a new in-game event similar to "Clash Royale."

What's New, Chief? Game Play Balancing And New Attack Levels For Town Hall 11

The fans have spoken and the developer listened! Supercell will deliver a gameplay balancing aimed to make the Town Hall 11 more distinct from Town Hall 10.

The official "Clash of Clans" website reveals that both the Barbarian King and Archer Queen levels can now be upgraded to 45 for Town Hall 11 in the upcoming December 2016 balancing and update. However, there will be no upgrade in the horizon for the Grand Warden since the Grand Warden is a Town Hall 11 original inductee and is already a major indicator of the difference between the top two Town Halls in the "Clash of Clans."

When the December 2016 balancing and update for "Clash of Clans" takes effect, players will be able to upgrade the Clan Castle to level 7, the Golem to level 6, the Hog Rider to level 7, and the Poison Spell to level 5. However, there is no additional space for troops in the level 7 clan castle, instead, it will allow players to donate spells like Rage and Freeze.

Other Game Play Balancing Update: Troops Upgrade

The December 2016 balancing and update for "Clash of Clans," will also increase the damage and hitpoints of the Witch. The attack speeds of the Balloons, Dragon, and PEKKA will be increased while the radius of Poison Spell will be increased.

What else, Chief? Reduced Cost For Selected Upgrades And Other Updates!

In line with the December 2016 balancing and update, "Clash of Clans" will offer discounts with respect to upgrading the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Walls, Wizard Tower, Clan Castle, Hog Rider, and Golem. While the discounts offered are in relation to time or cost of the upgrade, it will only be applicable at certain levels for the above-mentioned characters and structures.

Also coming with the December 2016 balancing and update are new options for Friendly War challenges and a reduced cool down for Clan Mail function. Also, a new feature for "better organized Builder suggestions" will be introduced.

December 2016 Update: Events Coming In!

The December 2016 Update will also unveil a new feature called "Events." "Events" is reportedly like the one already in "Clash Royale" wherein special in-game events are showcased for a brief period of time.

Parting Gift!

While this first sneak peak of December 2016 balancing and update seems massive, Supercell is just getting started. According to the blog post, Supercell still has 3 "Clashmas" gifts to share and they will be revealed next week! For more "Clash of Clans" latest news and update, please visit our website.

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