'Counter-Strike' Latest News & Update: CS Modders Christmas-Themed Maps; Valve's HRTF & Public Lobby Adjsutments

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 16, 2016 07:36 PM EST

"Counter-Strike" modders designed a number of Christmas themed maps that is more appealing than the official ones. Find out what makes these maps interesting.

Christmas Themed Modders' Style in "Counter-Strike"

Modders of "Counter-Strike" has once again made some very remarkable Christmas themed maps. These maps are way better than the official ones because the developer did not release any. Valve, however, is releasing chickens clothed in Christmas-themed sweaters. CS modders BadtRIP released the holiday-themed maps that feature Dust2, Cobblestone, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, and Train. Players can now maim, kill, and blast one another while using the Christmas themed maps.

The modders, moreover, created a video flaunting their Winter Xmas maps. I hope that Valve will be inspired to release Christmas-themed maps of its own when it gets to see BadtRIP's crafts. Meanwhile, these autonomous maps will absolutely to become widespread for this upcoming holidays.

Valve Has Something for Christmas in "Counter-Strike"

CS developer Valve accomplished to bring something new for the holidays aside from the Christmas chickens. "Counter-Strike" players will now enjoy the audio feature called HRTF. The acronym stands for head-related transfer function. This is an algorithm feature has something to do with the 360 degree X and Y audio positions of several headphones. Valve wished that the HRTF could help enhance the player's ability to identify a certain sound's origin.

In addition, the official "Counter-Strike" blog also said that the game's audio default setting is set to Headphones with HRTF. Players will also have the choice of shutting it off or choosing a diverse audio setting. This new addition from Valve is a cool one but the Counter-Strike Modder's Christmas themed map, however, are way cooler.

Valve Adjusts Public Lobbies in "Counter-Strike"

"Counter-Strike Global Offensive" players on Steam have the ability to broadcast themselves in the latest Public Lobbies. This is primarily the old Steam Group Lobbies that has been tweaked a little and renamed. A tab will inform CS players if there are any available public lobbies they can join. Players only need to adjust the Play with Friends Lobby permission setting.

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