Hackers got access to over ‘1 Billion Yahoo Accounts’, Are You One Of Them? Here’s How to Secure A Yahoo Account

By Lester Mondragon , Updated Dec 18, 2016 10:31 PM EST

The last yahoo account hacking was 500 million strong last 2014. At present "1 Billion yahoo accounts" are compromised when they were robbed by hackers.

Hacked accounts numbering to "1 Billion Yahoo Accounts" will include the holder's address, contacts, contact numbers, payment processes, bill payments or even online buying. When this happens to account holders, they may be prone to scams and identity thievery.

Hackers of the "1 Billion Yahoo Accounts" could possibly find its way to the holders' online banking transactions. These identity thieves could utilize an anonymous transaction online or more.

The bulk of the "1 Billion Yahoo Accounts" will find something like certain suspicious people that you don't know accessing your account and soliciting transactions that could be damaging financially or wreck your reputation with your tight online contacts, as stated in an article in Techlicious.

Yahoo is now in the process of catching the hacker or hackers responsible of over "1 Billion Yahoo Accounts" stolen from its data base. It is essential to know what to do once this sort of theft happens to a yahoo account holder.

To identify if the yahoo account holder is one of the "1 Billion Yahoo Accounts" breached, Yahoo will be sending the account holder a warning that his account is one of the hacked account. Changing the password wouldn't be enough though.  Be on the alert for any change in your account profile.

Check if your account information had been altered. Also monitor the activity log if there are anomalous transactions transpiring or had transpired or a non-yahoo account activating in your behalf. Hackers may also use the stolen account info to log in to several online services that you will be liable of, as stated in a report from CNetExperts suggest that the selection of a new password should be made as complicated as you can have. Also make use of the two factor identification that yahoo calls the dual account key. 

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