‘Street Fighter 5’ News & Updates: Season 2 Leak Reveals Icons For Quitters & Consistent Players

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 17, 2016 10:53 AM EST

Details from "Street Fighter 5" Season 2 beta recently leaked, revealing new information about the game. Allegedly, Capcom has come up with a new way to punish quitters in "Street Fighter 5."

'Street Fighter 5' Labels Rage Quitters

GameRant stated that "Street Fighter 5" launched in February 2016, while its second season is set to begin on December 20, featuring the Akuma. Since "Street Fighter 5" released, the game developer has been looking for ways to prevent combat rage quitting among players.

A few updates were provided to hopefully address the issue, although the game still continues to be plagued by repetitive quitters. On December 16, 2016, "Street Fighter 5" fans noticed a new test branch that went live on the game's Steam version, revealing a few details about the upcoming season.

"Street Fighter 5" players noted that there were adjustments to the menu system, as well as the addition of an icon branded on the profile of players who have a reputation of quitting repeatedly. Based on leaked "Street Fighter 5" Season 2 images on NeoGAF, a player who repeatedly quits during combat will earn a skull icon on his profile.

The texts further explained that players who never rage quit will also receive an icon of a different kind, showing that they are worth playing with. The new "Street Fighter 5" leak also revealed a League Point reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions for rage quitters.

This could mean that "Street Fighter 5" rage quitters will most likely be pitted against each other until they improve their behavior while playing. These are reportedly already present in the game.

More Details on 'Street Fighter 5' Season 2

Capcom also seems to have plans to allow "Street Fighter 5" players to choose music for each mode, and introduce balance changes, updates to the user interface and input support. It was previously confirmed that Akuma will be added to the current roster of "Street Fighter 5" for the second season.

Azam, Rashid's bodyguard, is also rumored to appear in the game as a playable character soon. There will also be more character releasing through 2017. "Street Fighter 5" is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC. 

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