Flappy Bird Meets Pipes of Doom in Squishy Bird

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 05, 2014 11:23 AM EST

Even with its steep learning curve, Flappy Bird is the new app king on the charts. But sometimes things are a bit too challenging, too frustrating, and you'd love nothing more than to fling that flap happy fowl headlong into oncoming traffic. For that, I give you Squishy Bird.

Following in Flappy Birds immense popularity, Squishy Bird came about as a stress relief for anyone tempted to wing their phone across the room and into a wall because the dodo brained bird they were guiding grazed a portion of pipe, sending the bird down into the dirt for the big sleep. "Do you HATE that freakin' bird? Do you have nightmares about his stupid face? Get revenge NOW by squishing him in Squishy Bird," reads a descriptor on the game's Facebook page.

Like Flappy Bird, gameplay is relatively simple, but instead of controlling the bird, in Squishy Bird you control the pipes, and not just guiding them up and down to block the flying failure. Rather...well, based on the name, it's not hard to figure out what it is exactly that you're supposed to do -- Squish any and every last yellow bastard that tries to make it from one end of the screen to the other. An easy enough premise, but let one slip through, and the game is up.

The birds keep coming the longer you play, and the increased pace can keep the challenge level up, but skooshing bird after bird can get repetitive. Thankfully, there's actually a clever hidden multiplier to send your score through the roof. Time the pipes right, and you can knock away a bird instead of straight up squashing it, making it come back harder and faster. Squish this angrier version for a significant boost to your score, and knocking birds away instead of just mushing them into giblets is a bit more challenging.

Like Flappy Bird, Squishy Bird is not a tremendously deep game, nor is it something you'll spend hours playing (unless you have a serious hatred of all things avian), but it's a humorous shot at the current app flavor of the week. 

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