Vine Shutdown Latest Update: Twitter Said Vine Is Not Totally Shutting Down But Will Be Retooled As 'Vine Camera'

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:51 AM EST

Twitter erupted with complaints and disappointed users when it announced the shutdown of Vine. The news that came 2 months ago have upset a lot of Vine's loyal users. Moving forward, the social media platform is not going to kill Vine after all.

Vine Will Still Continue To Work For Twitter As "Vine Camera"

The Vine app will still continue as a simpler tool for Twitter users. According to Business Insider, the service said in a blog post that Vine will dubbed as the Vine Camera. It will still allow Twitter users to save looping videos on their Twitter accounts. There is also an option that allows them to save the videos on their mobile phones.

According to Twitter, the Vine Camera will be available for downloads on January 2017. Users can now also download pre-existing Vine videos on their website and the app itself.

Retooled App Will Post Six-second Loops To Twitter

The vague closure announcement that came 7 weeks ago caused mayhem on the Twitter feed. Vine's loyal fan base have rejoiced to the latest news. In a post by Fortune, Twitter will still continue to let users make and share videos.

The new Vine Camera will go from a standalone network to an extension to the Twitter platform. Vine could have given Twitter an edge against Facebook, but it took them 3 years to realize the mistake. Twitter took 3 years to link users to their Twitter and Vine accounts. The app's popularity came through many Vine compilations.

The news of Vine's shutdown have made many users to think that Twitter does not care. So far it has created a huge PR disaster for the struggling social media app. Rumors and stories from insiders have revealed that Twitter considered to shut it down. The alleged shutdown attributed to the company cutting costs and personnel.

The recent struggles of Twitter have revealed that it's struggling to keep Vine servers and staff. The retooled Vine will help the social media app save some cash. Vine has an estimated 200 million active users every month. The new announcement will at least give Twitter a chance to redeem themselves. You can check out the most viewed Vine videos below.

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