Guild Wars 2 Nothing Lasts Forever Trailer- Escape from Lion’s Arch [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Feb 11, 2014 11:09 AM EST

The next living world event for Guild Wars 2 has been sighted in this trailer, 'Nothing Lasts Forever'. As always the subsription-free MMO has another exciting event for you to witness, one which takes place in one of the most familiar areas of the game. This comes fresh on the heels of the current event, Origins of Madness, and will let gamers team up to save Lion's Arch- or at least, to escape from it with your lives.

Lion's Arch is well-known to Guild Wars 2 players, since it's home to in-game traders and vendors as serves as the asura gate hub that lets you travel all the way out to to the far corners of Tyria. Many in-game holidays and events take place right there, and it was even featured in the Guild Wars novel "Sea of Sorrorws". The city has certainly been attacked numerous times- it's a big target - but this may be the most direct threat to the city yet. After all... nothing lasts forever.

"The ominous trailer focuses on the trademark city of Lion's Arch, a beacon of prosperity in Tyria that acts as trading hub for players. The city has proven resilient to numerous onslaughts by enemy races, pirates, the undead, even an Elder Dragon. Now, the villainous Scarlet Briar may present this proud city with its most terrifying foe yet. [F]orces of the sylvari supervillain will soon descend upon Lion's Arch. Aetherblade airships, dirigibles of death piloted by the dreaded pirates who now serve Scarlet, loom over the city like birds of prey. On the ground, the cruel serpentine krait and subterranean dredge hunt for prey and terrorize its citizens. In one grim moment in the video, the famed nautical architecture of the city burns as innocents try to flee the devastation."

Wow, are they really going to take out the whole city? We'll have to see when the seige beings on February 18th. For more details on Guild Wars 2 and all of its Living World releases check out guildwars2.

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