Borderlands 2 News: Pics of Skins and Heads Pop Up for Final Headhunter Pack, Sir Hammerlock and the Son of Crawmerax

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 12, 2014 11:44 AM EST

Maybe some of you are already done with Mad Moxxi's Wedding Day Massacre for Borderlands 2, maybe you aren't. Either way, Gearbox is making sure you're well aware that there's still one more piece of DLC to look forward to. The developer released some screens showing the new ensembles Axton, Maya, Krieg, Salvador, Zer0, and Gaige can rock once they make crab dip out of the presumably giant crustacean that will grace the game's last Headhunter Pack, Sir Hammerlock and the Son of Crawmerax.

Facing off against such a crabby enemy is no day at the beach. Well, actually, maybe it is, because that's the theme the developer is going with for the new skins, decking out the Vault Hunters in all manner of duds for the dunes. Check 'em out below.

First up, Gunzerker Salvador goes all out beach bum with a ripped tee and for some reason, a pair of cut-off Daisy Dukes.

Next, we have a very psychedelic Maya, who looks like she chose her outfit thinking she was going to a Grateful Dead show.

Krieg the Psycho never sported much of a costume, and that theme continues with his new duds, or lack thereof. A healthy orange skin tone that would make guidos up and down the Jersey Shore jealous shows that tanning beds are apprently quite popular on Pandora.

Despite looking like a technologically advanced cyborg, Zer0's fashion sense is severely old school. The emoticonned killer opts for a Victorian bathing suit from when eating goldfish and doing the Charleston was all the rage.


Mechromancer Gaige goes all out flower power with a colorful pixie-ish outfit that's of a similar vibe to Maya, but without all the fun of licking blotter acid.


And finally, Commando Axton does his best Tom Selleck impression sans mustache with a bright red flowered shirt that'll look very familair to children of the 80's.


Once the eponymous son of Crawmerax the Invincible lies in defeat, players will also get a fearsome looking head. But if the creature's daddy is any example, then destroying his spawn should prove quite difficult.

First appearing in The Secret Armory of General Knox DLC from the first Borderlands, big daddy Crawmerax was no joke. A massive version of the crab worm, Crawmerax debuted in the DLC's aptly titled mission, "You. Will. Die." He had absurdly thick armored shell, and some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Defeating him with even a full group of four high leveled players was a grueling task bordering on an endurance trial. But for those who came out ahead, they stood a chance at gaining some uber-rare pearlescent gear.

The pack is due out in April, and like the rest, will be available for $3.

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