'Steins;Gate 0' Release Date, Review and Updates: Japanese Game Gets Thumbs Up from Players; Features and

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:32 AM EST

Barely a month after its release date, "Steins;Gate 0" is already getting positive reviews from gamers. Players loved that the game introduced a new story, different from the original Japanese science-fiction novel.

Positive reviews

A review of the game revealed that the setting will be a flashback of Rintaro Okabe. The character then eventually kills Kurisu Makise. With Okabe losing hope that he can still save Kurisu, he also stopped trying to make a time machine and exerting effort to stop the World War III.

It was noted that this unique storyline makes gamers curious about what will happen to the adventure of Okabe for "Steins;Gate 0." The game also poses the challenge to players on how the main character will deal with frustration, anxiety and depression.

Different story for various characters

"The story also follows different characters and offers other perspectives," added the review. However, gamers suggested that the developers may need to add English voice overs to "Steins;Gate 0" as this can be hard to understand and access for newbies. English voiceovers will also make tasks and instructions easy for the general public.

Fans of the game, however, suggested to new players that they may need to read a little background or watch the Manga counterpart of the title. Without prior knowledge of "Steins;Gate 0," players will be left wondering about the storyline and the characters, as well.

Useful background

A proper introduction to the anime series will work really well for newbies. Watching the show is enough preparation to understand "Steins;Gate 0" as it will link together occurrences like the 2010 summer highlights on Okabe's life.

Release for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita users in the United States last month, "Steins;Gate 0" provides a unique science adventure for video gaming fans for a little more then $50. What do you like most about "Steins;Gate 0?"

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