‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Latest News & Update: Capturing Fossil Pokemon Shieldon & Evolving Bastiodon

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:21 AM EST

There are hundreds of Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" but serious players love to catch the special ones. Apart from those who are caught in the wild, there are the ones that can be captured with fossils. Such as type is Shieldon and its evolved form Bastiodon. The Fossil Pokemon are a rage in the game and here we will discuss where to find Shieldon and easily evolve it to Bastiodon.

The Shieldon Fossil can be easily acquired from the store as "Pokemon Sun and Moon" does not require players to go through dark dungeons to acquire such a fossil. Players need to keep playing and gain access to Konikoni City. This city has a stone shop where an old woman sells special kinds of stones.

This old lady in Konikoni City sells one fossil stone from every variant. Players would require the Armor Fossil from "Pokemon Moon" in order to acquire Shieldon. "Pokemon Sun" players can trade to get the fossil from Moon players. "Pokemon Sun" players can purchase the Skull and Cover Fossil while Moon players will get the Plume and Armor Fossil.

Once acquired, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players need to head for Route 8 and reach the forest. There they will come across a guy in a van who can turn any fossil into "Pokemon." Once done, players need to level up Shieldon and evolve it to Bastiodon, writes iTech Post.

Meanwhile, fans are going crazy over the new Shiny Pokemon breeding glitch in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The glitch in the Shiny Pokemon breeding system is allowing players to swap the nature, IV inheritance, gender role and shiny status of a Pokemon to another by resetting the game, regardless of specie. This process reportedly speeds up the breeding process at least by eight times depending on the species one is trying to obtain.

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