'Halo Wars: Definitive Edition' Release Date, News & Updates: 343 Industries Unveiled Achievement List; 'Halo 6' Teased?

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:24 AM EST

The achievement list for the "Halo Wars: Definitive Edition" have been revealed recently and players will need to work harder in order to complete all of them. There was also a recent announcement for the "Halo" franchise and there may be a new entry that is already in the works.

It was reported recently that the developers of the "Halo" franchise, 343 Industries, unveiled the achievement list for "Halo Wars: Definitive Edition." The original version of the game had 1,200 Gamerscore which equals to 59 achievements and this already includes the two downloadable expansions and for the multiplayer mode. The new list is more challenging and spices things up since it has an overall 1,500 Gamerscore and is equivalent to accomplishing 75 achievements.

Furthermore, some achievements for "Halo Wars: Definitive Edition" can range from 5 to 130 Gamerscore. Obviously, gaining 5 Gamerscore is a piece of cake and one example is by just finishing a mission in the story mode. There are also challenging achievements like hot dropping 50 squads to the team's Covenant leader during a single game in Barrens. The highest achievement is worth 130 Gamerscore and it can be acquired by winning 100 skirmish or multiplayer battles.

Aside from "Halo Wars: Definitive Edition," the developers of the game also teased in one their blog posts on their website that a new "Halo" project may be coming soon. "I can't really say anything of substance but yesterday we had a studio-wide presentation by Tim Longo, Halo Creative Director, on some super interesting topics pertaining to super secret future stuff," as mentioned by the community manager of 343 Industries. "All I can say is that I left that meeting feeling very excited."

"Halo Wars: Definitive Edition" is a real time strategy game and it will soon be available for Xbox One and PC. For players who pre-order the Ultimate Edition of "Halo Wars 2" can already play the "Definitive Edition" on December 20 by receiving a code, but acquiring it can span from 7-10 days.

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