Sonicpower Latest News & Update: Apple iPhone Finally Entertains Destek's High-End Charger, Fast & Hassle-Free Charging Onboard!

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 19, 2016 11:55 AM EST

As it was recently tagged by some reports as the only smartphone that matters, Apple iPhone finally entertains the hassle-free and fast charging concept. Fans of the giant tech company wouldn't miss another advanced convenient smartphone accessory that happens to be a charger called Sonicpower.

Apple iPhone finally entertains Sonicpower

Sonicpower has landed the Apple iPhone world. With no doubt, this smartphone charger was labeled as the "fastest conductive wireless charger." This supports the iPhone 7, the second to the newest flagship of Apple.

It has been noted by several reports that Sonicpower offers fast, wireless, easy and hassle-free kind of charging. Sonicpower are marketed towards power users who don't want to run out of battery when using their smart phones.

This smartphone accessory was originally designed for charging cars. But, Destek has included a desktop holder and adapter to perform and offer fast charging. Sonicpower can power up one's Apple iPhone in only 1 hour and 56 minutes while other ordinary car chargers will take four hours.

Apple iPhone Sonicpower; How Does It Work?

Sonicpower is indeed a very genius creation. This gives Apple iPhone fan a unique and easy way of charging their smartphones. But, how does it really work?

Users have to place first their Apple iPhone into the Sonicpower case. Apple users can surely take advantage of the advanced accessory's glided electrode and pin technology, Digital Trends reported.

The Sonicpower case will then be attached to the charging port, magnetically. With its enough secured connection, the high-tech charger will surely perform a fast persistent and effective charging that Apple iPhone users will be happy about.

It has been also noted that circuit chips used to create Sonicpower are claim to be the safest chip amongst all. Destek cited that its power is a certified MFI or made for iPhone that assures users that their Apple iPhone will always be powered safely with a safe and enough voltage.

Sonicpower is available for only $39 as an Early Bird Offer. But, its retail is still very affordable at $59. Apple iPhone users will surely have a better look on this and get one for their on-the-go lifestyle.

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