What's Next for Pebble Smartwatch Owners After Fitbit Acquisition?

By Caroline , Updated Dec 19, 2016 11:37 PM EST

The Pebble Smartwatch, or also known as the Pebble Classic, was developed by an American company named Pebble Technology Corporation. It can be connected to an iOS or Android phone to present notifications from the phone. With its connectivity, many have patronized to use this product.

What's Next for Fitbit Users?

According to SlashGear, Fitbit Pebble has had an acquisition and this made Pebble smartwatch owners ask about what's next for them. What will it do to both the crowdfunder of Pebble Time 2 and the classic Pebble Watch? It's unfortunate to find out that there's very little they can do in case they are caught between their watch and a hard place.

Technically, questions concerns about the Pebble software support were arising after the recent acquisition. This also involves asking about hackers and in case they attacked the Pebble watch's security. Owners are hoping for an enlightenment or any sort of comforting feedback, however, a bad news answered them instead. The Developer Blog of Pebble answered the major concerns with just one devastating sentence which says, " Pebble functionality or service quality may be reduced in the future."

Every angle of this response leads to just one answer stating that Pebble Watch will continue to work and function as how it should be in the future, but there will be no more commitments. About the software, this clearly shows that Pebble won't be sending software updates anymore.

What To Do In Case Of A Defective Pebble Smartwatch?

Since warranty support is not valid anymore for any Pebble watches, the best thing that a user can do is to return the Pebble Smartwatch. However, returns and exchanges will still depend on the retailer's policy so in case such thing is not allowed, there's nothing else to do.

This note might be a little sad but at least, it will serve as an answer to the endless questions of Pebble Smartwatch owners. On the bright side, Pebble CEO, or soon-to-be- ex-CEO, Eric Migicovsky would offer a drink to anyone who will wear the device in public. Maybe the best thing to do is just drink to that!


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