A Legend of Zelda Virtual Reality PC Project: Play in First-Person with Oculus Rift, to be Released Free Next Month [Video]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 22, 2014 05:41 PM EST

Virtual reality headsets are getting a lot of attention recently, and will allow us to do some pretty interesting things with video games. Wearing VR gear on your head might look and feel a bit silly, but by all reports it's a very cool experience to be immersed into game worlds and able to physically look around and interact with them.

As written about on Eurogamer and shown in the video below, the ability to play the original Legend of Zelda in first person with the Oculus Rift VR headset is one of the most noteworthy things I've seen with the technology in regards to games. The game itself is a project currently in beta by developer Ubiquitron called The Legend of Zelda VR.

Taking an old classic and transforming it in this way is really fascinating, and could be a pretty great way to reignite interest in pretty much any older game, never mind what could be done with new games.

In this instance, exploring the well-known levels of the original Zelda title, seeing the high walls of the shrubs rise above you as Link would see them, and taking enemies on face to face in a game many have played dozens of times or more is pretty awesome. It's not just that it is a first person view that makes it immersive and new, but that you're actually moving your head to look around the environment.

Hopefully we see this happen to more classic titles, not that everyone quite has access to an Oculus Rift yet. The full version of The Legend of Zelda VR is set to be released for free in March.

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