New Google Chrome Extension Will Check Donald Trump's Tweets; China Questions His Ability To Lead America

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:20 AM EST

Finding the truth to Donald Trump's tweets has gotten a lot easier. A browser extension for Google Chrome will do the fact checking for curious online users.

According to PCMag, The Washington Post has released an add-on for Google's web browser. It will tell users if Donald Trump's tweet is a lie or a factual truth. It will also give a short and concise description about the future US president.

Google Extension Will Provide Information On Trump's Tweets

The "RealDonaldContext" extension will add a definitive context to Donald Trump's tweets. His twitter lines have already received a lot of criticism due to inaccurate revelations.

Last week's Trump tweet is a solid example of extension's ability to provide truth. The "RealDonaldContext" extension was quick to create relevant context. It said that the tweet was retribution for the magazine's bad review of a Trump Tower Restaurant.

It will also be able to inform you if Donald Trump's tweet is incorrect and hold no factual value. It was again tested on his November 27 tweet about winning the popular vote. The extension pointed out that Trump did not win in a landslide. It also suggested that there is no evidence to prove that some votes were cast illegally. The result of the extension came from a New York Times report last Sunday.

The Washington Post said that the extension is still in its early stages. The goal of the "RealDonaldContext"extension is to provide extra information about Ronald Trump's tweets.

China Questions Trump's Ability To Lead

In other news, China's state media has publicly questioned Donald Trump's leadership qualities. The U.S. President-elect tweeted a response to China's embargo of an American underwater drone. It highlighted a misspelling word.

Both The White House and China have since downplayed the statement. The device was taken 91 kilometers of northwest of Subic Bay. Stay tuned for updates and the latest new about America's nexy president.

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