'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Tips, Tricks & Update: Fans Find Exploit for Getting More Shiny; How Long Will it Last?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:23 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has made fans interested beyond the normal as it was said to be one of the most awaited continuities in the series. With such popularity, there are those that seem to have seen the flaws Game Freak let slip.

As some may know, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was quick to tease in the past just what the game will offer, and as the world figured out a whole lot of new content, there is certainly more to get. A new sleuth of leaked information claim that one for breeding Shiny Pokemon is out in the open.

Recent Reddit posts suggested that a new bug in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" permits players to change the nature, gender roll, Shiny status and IV inheritance of Pokemon without concern of the species. It was said to be quite easy-one so easy that it requires resetting the game plainly. Such will give the players an advantage of up to eight times the normal rate.

Instructions-wise, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players will first need to have a Magikarp, a Ditto or the foreign kind of such being the recommended, Shiny Charm, Destiny Knot and the desired Pokemon to turn shiny. From there, players must save their game, put Ditto and the Destiny Knot in the nursery with Magikarp then collect 30 eggs. Then players should remove a parent from the nursery to stop the egg spawns-but players will not be able to change the egg if the nursery worker still holds it.

All 30 eggs must be hatched from there, and if there will be no Shiny creatures from the said batch, the process is to simply be repeated. Given that there will be, players must take note of which egg it was, reset the game and swap. The Ditto with the Destiny Knot must be placed in the nursery with the chosen Pokemon. Simply put, collect the 12th egg from there and the Shiny Pokemon will appear. This method is said to work for all "Pokemon Sun and Moon" versions.

It is still uncertain how long the said method will keep working--that is until the team behind "Pokemon Sun and Moon" figures out the bug. Until then, the customers can try to exploit the discovery for now and make as many possible Shiny Pokemon as possible.

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